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Forum post of the day: No table for you!

Amanda Dean

There has been much debate over whether mages should always use their Ritual of Refreshment spell in battlegrounds. Shadowavatar of Boulderfist believes that this practice will become even less common because the cost of the spell is slated to increase from two arcane powder to five in Wrath of the Lich King. This brings the total cost of the spell to fifty silver per cast plus requires the use of additional bag space for mages who are not keen on restocking. Withunter of Arathor commented, "At least you know Blizzard is paying close attention to what players complain about. They identify problems with the game, and spare no effort to make them worse."

While some posters see this change as a major disservice, some point out that the is really quite justifiable. Darkintent of Bleeding hollow noted that the inflated reagent cost is reflective of the greater benefit of the spell. Many responders indicated that this difference will be negligible due to gold inflation in the next expansion. The amount of space it will take to carry reagents is of a greater concern to many posters.

Azurei, a mage on Shadowmoon, plans on only putting down tables when he runs out of conjured food in his inventory. Mage tables are nice to have, but they are not an absolute necessity. Just like in a raid situation, folks should bring the necessary materials for success. There will most likely be an equivalent source of replenishing health an mana for purchase, just as players can currently access Naaru Rations.

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