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Halo Superintendent is back, special news incoming

Dustin Burg

He's baaaaaack! The Superintendent has once again graced with his plumbing presence warning Halo fanboys to "KEEP IT CLEAN!" You know, because he's the Superintendent and he says so.

If you recall (more info here), Bungie's little green box known as the Superintendent made his presence known during E3 when it became pretty clear he was somehow tied to Bungie's next big project reveal. Sadly, politics happened and Bungie didn't get to announce their project and the Superintendent went into hibernation. But now he's back and with Bungie's Weekly Update hinting that "the night is darkest just before the dawn" and that "dawn is about to break", we have a hunch that the BIG Bungie announcement is coming soon. In the meantime, please, keep it clean.

[Thanks, to everyone who sent this in]

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