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QuickBooks Accounting 2009 for Mac


Accounting is a lot less exciting than watching paint dry, but it's a necessity for companies. Intuit's QuickBooks products for Mac don't get a lot of respect, since Intuit seems to treat Mac owners as second-class citizens. They're still working on improving their products, however, and have just announced QuickBooks Accounting 2009 for Mac.

The new version of QuickBooks is a Leopard-only product, and won't be available for a few more weeks, but it appears to be a solid improvement over its predecessor -- QuickBooks 2007 for Mac. The application, which will retail for US$199.95, features a much-improved interface.

Designed for small businesses, QuickBooks now has a Home Page showing how different business tasks fit together. There are Customer, Transaction, Report, and Vendor centers that organize your entries into single-page views, keeping you from having to switch between dozens of windows as in previous versions. Online banking now expands to over 3,000 institutions and the product integrates with XSilva's LightSpeed Point-of-sale software.

However, there's still no multi-user version, and early reports mention that the application still doesn't have full file compatibility with the Windows version -- something that is critical when sending files to accountants for review.

The Intuit website has not yet been updated with information about QuickBooks Accounting 2009 for Mac.

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