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Toshiba rolls out its SRT Regza TVs in Japan

Steven Kim

Even if Toshiba's Super Resolution Technology (SRT) upscaling TVs get a dubious eye here at EHD, Tosh is blanketing the globe with its SRT-enabled sets. Mirroring the CEDIA and IFA announcements, a total of eight models across three lines are being lined up for Japanese shores over the next few months (all currently without pricing): 52-, 46- and 42-inch ZH7000; 46-, 42- and 37-inch Z7000; and 46- and 40-inch FH7000. SRT is no longer just for DVDs, it's also getting top billing as a fix-up for Japan's 1440x1080 terrestrial video. Okay, we're not big on SRT, but the optional hard drive recording for the ZH7000 and FH7000 is something we'd like to see here in the US -- but we just know what will cross the ocean will have SRT onboard with no HDD recording option in sight.

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