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Vanguard hopes for a second chance

James Egan

When Vanguard launched, hopes were high that the game would be a breath of fresh air in the MMO market. Unfortunately, the game didn't meet the expectations of many gamers, who lamented its unfinished state and subsequently left. Sony Online Entertainment hasn't given up on Vanguard though, and they're now offering an incentive for players to return.

The offer applies to subscribers whose accounts have been inactive for 60 days or more. The reactivation promotion lasts from September 18 to October 18 and entails creating a new character, which allows you to play through the new Isle of Dawn and check out the game's updated content. That is, until hitting level 10. Thereafter, that character can continue on into Telon, but only by re-subscribing to Vanguard. Players moving up to a paid account are given a pair of Gnomish Rocket Boots as a reward, which impart great bursts of speed.

[Via Allakhazam]

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