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AV Toolbox delivers HDMI switch, scaler and signal splitter

Darren Murph

AV Toolbox may not be the first name that comes to mind when lookin' some new HDMI equipment, but the outfit has just rolled out a trifecta of reasonably priced, no-nonsense gear that may be just the fit for your switching, scaling and / or splitting needs. First up is the AVT-6041 HDMI Version 1.3 Routing Switcher, which enables easy switching between four HDMI sources, with or without HDCP protection. The AVT-6071 Multi-format Routing Switcher takes in a variety of analog sources (or HDMI sources) and upconverts 'em to HDMI standards (or thereabout). Finally, the AVT-6114 HDMI Version 1.3 Signal Splitter can distribute up to four HDMI / PC signals to four other displays, and it supports resolutions all the way up to UXGA. All three can be had right now for $129, $349 and $239 in order of mention.

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