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Microsoft slips to 3rd on "Top 100 Brands" list

Interbrand, the organization who rates and compares brand value, has released its Top 100 Brands of 2008 which included appearances from each of the hardware manufacturers. Microsoft has slipped to number three this year from second place in 2007 while gaming industry competitors Sony and Nintendo landed at 25 and 40 respectively.

Of course Microsoft and Sony's brand value is spearheaded by other divisions within each company that is not related to the gaming industry. Microsoft's overall brand value is based primarily on software as well as its other divisions (including the entertainment division), Sony is based on electronic devices and its film/music holdings while Nintendo is based purely on its gaming divisions and license holdings (such as Pokemon).

A few things to note when examining the list: Interbrand rates each company based on how valuable the brand is itself. The listings are not based on the financial worth of each company but on the strength of the brand name and loyalty.

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