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Titan proliferation in EVE Online

James Egan

EVE Online has an ever-growing arsenal of ships and weapons available to players. The numerous choices this offers pilots is one of the game's strengths, but is also linked to a growing problem in the game: the arms race. Capital ships, the largest and most powerful ships in the game, have become commonplace. Small (even one-man) corporations in EVE are now easily able to obtain them. Taking this a step further, supercapital ships (motherships and titans) were once a rarity in the game, something that required a year of effort to produce at an astronomical cost, for someone who spent a corresponding amount of time acquiring the skills to fly effectively. Now titans, perhaps EVE's nearest equivalent to the Death Star (only with logistics capabilities as well), are ubiquitous in the large 0.0 alliances, and some are even privately owned. So what happens if the game continues at this pace?

Havohej (<---) from EVE Mag, also from The Defias Blog, points out just how numerous titans have become in EVE, and notes that even non-territorial alliances like Star Fraction are employing titans. In the case of Star Fraction, to what end is unknown, and it should be interesting to see how they put their Erebus to use. Read Havohej's "One Titan Too Many?" for a breakdown of alliance titan ownership, and let him know if you feel titans are a problem in the game, and to what extent.

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