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AT&T U-Verse cabinets pop up in Winston-Salem, NC

Darren Murph

It's the case of the mysteriously appearing U-verse cabinets all over again, and this time it's taking the Triad by storm. The images you see above are of an AT&T utility cabinet at the corner of Peace Haven Road and Mountain View Road in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Our tipster (and photographer) dug a little deeper and asked a local AT&T store manager to "explain" the in-store U-verse display, only to find that the manager was expecting AT&T to launch U-verse services in the area by "early next year." We knew AT&T was spending some serious dough in the Carolinas, and truthfully, we'll be stoked to see said investment finally lead to something tangible. Now, how soon before the company strings U-verse on down to the Triangle?

[Thanks, Prime]

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