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Deal: DualShock 3 controller for $41, Nyko controller for $15

Alan Tsang

DualShock 3 controllers are currently on sale at Amazon -- you can snatch one up right now for $40.96 with free shipping. That's more than $14 off the MSRP of $54.99. Take advantage of this deal here now.

$40.96 still a bit steep for you? Amazon also has third-party Nyko controllers for sale. They contain the vibration function and SIXAXIS just like a regular DualShock 3, though they are considerably less sexy. But at $14.98, you gotta make some sacrifices. It looks like they only have a certain number of the controllers for sale at this price, so hurry up if you are interested. The deal you want is right here.

[Via Slickdeals and thanks to Joshua M.!]

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