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Enduro Racer, more SMS greats on Virtual Console soon


One of our favorite Sega Master System games is an unassuming little isometric racing game in which the playr must race a motorcycle across rough terrain against other motorcycles and even dune buggies. Enduro Racer may not be a masterpiece, but it has totally great Sega music and plays pretty much exactly like a rotated Excitebike -- unlike the original arcade game, which had a more common behind-the-bike perspective.

The ESRB database says that an "Enduro Racer" is coming out on Wii, and we're fairly certain it's the SMS game. Either that or a new remake. It's probably the Master System game, because its listing co-occurs with two other SMS games: Wonder Boy in Monster Land (not to be confused with Wonder Boy in Monster World) and Space Harrier.

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