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IndieCade: International Festival Finalists #1-5

Ross Miller

All week, Joystiq will be revealing the 26 finalists for the IndieCade: International Festival of Independent Games, set to take place October 10 through 17 in Bellevue, Washington. The winners will be announced on October 11.

And Yet it Moves
This Austrian-born title has a unique, papercraft-inspired art style and a simple trick (rotate the camera) that serves as the focus of a maddening, yet rewarding, puzzle platformer. A demo is available at the game's website for both Windows and Mac.

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Miss Management

From Gamelab studios, the game is about managing a small office, only without any "that's what she said" quips. According to the description, the title "lightheartedly explores topics of stress management, the role of work in our lives, stereotypes, sexual harassment, race, and more." It is available as a free download for PC.

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Dark Room Sex Game

A student project from the IT University of Copenhagen, Dark Room Sex Game has no visuals whatsoever. Instead, players try to cooperatively "reach climax" by finding a mutual rhythm and speeding up until climax. If anything, their promotion video shows they have a good sense of humor. The game is available as a free download (for use with Wii remotes or keyboard input) for both Windows and Mac.

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Dark Game
A game of hunter-vs-hunted with a twist. Whenever you are the hunter, your screen goes black and you have to rely on GLaDOS a female narrator and an eight-pronged headset that vibrates to tell you which direction the prey is in (note: contrary to its appearance, it does not sap your brainpower).

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From Jason Rohrer, creator of the pixel-infused, art-house title Passage, Gravitation is -- you guessed it -- a pixel-infused art-house title, considered to be an autobiographical look at trying to balance personal life with work. Available as a free download (for Windows and Mac).

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