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Ocean Commander the rarest of things: a disc-based Wii shmup


Thanks to the Virtual Console, the Wii could become the best console for shmups since the Saturn, yet not many publishers have released original shoot-'em-ups on old-fashioned discs. To date, the exceptional Blast Works has been the pick of a small group that also contains Castle of Shikigami III, Monkey King, and Milestone's Ultimate Shooting Collection.

All of which means Ocean Commander will face a depeleted formation of opponents when it launches in Q1 2009. Set on a waterlogged Earth in 3011, the game sees you piloting the Ocean Commander ship, a dextrous craft that can change form, though precisely which forms isn't mentioned in the press release. The title uses the Wiimote and Nunchuk (which allows for 360° aiming), and there will be a dozen upgradeable weapons, 21 levels, and 30 stages. Of course, such stats can't compete with Blast Works' infinite number of levels and stages, but count us interested.

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