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RED Scarlet pulled: "We have a new vision"

Nilay Patel

Looks like the HD video-capable Canon 5D Mark II and Nikon D90 had quite an impact at RED headquarters -- company president Jim Jannard just posted a note saying that the upcoming Scarlet 3K camera is "all different now" because "the market has changed." That's particularly interesting because Jannard's also mentioned that RED's working on a video-capable DSLR and recently pointed out that the D90's CMOS sensor tech leads to "jelly movement" when shooting video -- a problem RED solved long ago with the RED ONE's proprietary CMOS sensor, so we're guessing a few of these threads are coming together. We'll see when we see -- if RED produces anything within the price spectrum of the D90 and 5D Mark II, it'll shake things up pretty significantly.

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