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Rockstar: GTA for Wii 'didn't feel natural'


Saying just a wee bit more on the topic than Take-Two CEO Ben Feder was previously willing to, Rockstar boss Dan Houser tells Nintendo Power that Wii "didn't feel natural" for the franchise ... but DS did.

Houser explains that, "It really was that the DS felt like it had a lot of interesting challenges that would be totally different from what we'd done in the past," adding, "The stylus and the chance to use minigames in that way was really interesting and exciting to us, and we thought we could integrate seamlessly between those two modes."

With Houser commenting that, "We haven't really done any concrete, major thinking about the Wii, one way or another," it would seem that a waggle-fied Liberty City experience is still a ways off at best.

[Nintendo Power, via Nintendo Everything]

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