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TUAW Tips: Replace login screen background

Cory Bohon

Are you tired of the standard background for the login window? Well, if you are running Tiger or Leopard, you can easily change this picture to anything you wish. This is handy for schools or organizations who want a static background showing off their spiffy logo.

For Leopard Users
To change the background, just replace the picture file located here:


Be sure to keep the original file in case you want to change it back to the original picture. We suggest changing the original to "DefaultDesktopOriginal.jpg" or something similar.

For Tiger Users
Tiger users don't have it as easy. You have to replace the picture by editing a login window preference file. Open Terminal and type in the following command, replacing "path_to_picture.jpg" with the actual path to the picture you want as the background:

sudo defaults write /Library/Preferences/ DesktopPicture 'path_to_picture.jpg'

Since this is a sudo command, you will be required to authenticate as an administrator before the command will be run. Once you enter the command and logout, you should see the changes.

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