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Xbox Live 'Rock the Vote' poll results are in


Microsoft has provided a snapshot of the completely unofficial president election poll it's been running in conjunction with Rock the Vote. The idea was to offer Gamerpics representing Obama-Biden, McCain-Palin, Independent, and, er, "Other" (hopefully) sparking an interest in actual voting by offering the choice to select one as your public and/or private icon. MS says more than 100,000 Live users have participated to date.

Today's tally has Obama-Biden in a 12% lead over their Republican rivals, garnering 43% of the vote to McCain-Palin's 31%. Independents and "Others" combined account for the remaining (and sizable) 26% of "votes." Listen, "Others" – if you're undecided, you'd best at least register and cast your vote on November 4. We don't care who it's for; just vote, 'kay? Thanks!

[Image credit: Jeff the Trojan]

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