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Disgaea and Rhapsody: A Voice Acting Adventure


Siliconera spoke with NIS's Jack Niida about the DS versions of Disgaea and Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure, both of which happen to be out this week. Much of the interview focuses on the voice acting in the two games, which we imagine is somewhat of an important issue for the otaku who comprise the majority of the Nippon Ichi audience. There's more to read, as well, about Rhapsody's battle system and new characters in Disgaea, among other things.

Rhapsody will use the original Japanese songs from the PlayStation game, along with new tracks recorded by the original cast. The voice acting outside of songs will be in English. The English musical tracks will not be present due to space concerns. The script is also pulled from the PlayStation release, but the English text has been cleaned up!

As for Disgaea, the same seems to be true. Niida told Siliconera that "All the voice acting is there, but unfortunately, we had to compromise on the dual language and English musical songs."


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