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Obama-Biden top very scientific voter poll on Xbox Live

The results are in and Xbox Live has selected the next President of the United States. It's Master Chief. In other news, a completely unofficial presidential election poll has been running on Xbox Live as part of the Rock the Vote campaign. The scientifically engineered vote was based on gamercard download numbers; download a specific candidates card and your vote is cast.

According to the team at GamerScore Blog, Obama-Biden nabbed a 12% lead over Republican rivals McCain-Palin. Independents and "Others" combined account 26% of "votes" in comparison to the Democrats 43% and the Republicans 31%. MS says more than 100,000 Live users have participated to date.

So, what's the point? The point is pretty simple, come November 4 put that game on pause and hit your local polling station. It is your right to vote and deciding to stay in your gaming lair perfecting your Barbie Horse Adventure speedrun isn't a vote. We're not being rude but if you don't vote you're not allowed to complain about anything for the next four years. It's a rule.

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