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Raging Thunder in the App Store


We've come full circle on the Thunder that Rages -- after first releasing their game on a jailbroken iPhone, and then switching off to do a Crash Kart game, developer Polarbit has now brought it out onto the official store for release. It rings in at a relatively pricey $7.99, but it does look terrific with a little physics built in and (and here's the kicker) features WiFi multiplayer (Polarbit said they were working on it in our interview with them a while back). Multiplayer is one place that iPhone games haven't quite reached their potential yet, and if Raging Thunder delivers as nice a multiplayer experience as it claims to, it's worth the price of admission.

Once again, this is a title that could definitely use a demo, but if you're already sold, you know the drill: hit up the App Store, download away, and use the accelerometer to race off into the Raging Thunder.

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