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Rock Band portable drum kit is not 'NunchukPlus'


While it looks like one helluva Wiimote attachment, this gangly peripheral is actually a portable Rock Band (or more appropriately, Rock Band 2) drum kit made by Mad Catz for Xbox 360. So no, we won't be flailing the loose ends about as we race our karts through Moo Moo Meadows. We're told the pads must be laid flat, like on a sturdy coffee table (best not glass) -- or in our case: the unpaid intern's back, or better, draped over his neck like some gaudy Jesus piece -- and repeatedly smashed to the beat of the on-screen cues. We're currently testing the "designed to withstand over 1 million strikes" certification, though the same intern has begun to complain that his wrist hurts. To which we reply: "Dude, stop hitting yourself." (Yeah, we're evil like that.)

The "Official Rock Band Portable Drum Kit for Xbox 360" is currently in limbo on GameShark for $59.99 (and for $10 less).

[Via Engadget]

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