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Tips for Brewfest keg runs

Alex Ziebart

Brewfest is in full swing, and there's on aspect that most participants dread: Keg running. It's not terribly hard once you know how it goes, but figuring it out can be a real pain. Let's see if we can ease the learning process, shall we? Here are some things that worked for me:
  1. Take a walk (or run) up and down the course before you start the race. Find out where all of the apple barrels are on the course. There should be one at the beginning, one at the end, and two spaced out in the middle. You don't need all four of them, but knowing where they are is the important part.
  2. Let's pick which ones you want to use. Let's number them: The barrel at the beginning is #1, and they're in numerical order from there, #4 at the end. Ignore #1 and #3. Pretend they don't exist. They aren't there. There are only two apple buckets, #2 and #4.

  1. Put your ram reins on your action bar somewhere, don't try to click it in your bags. You want to steer with your mouse, and use your other hand to mash the hotkey is much as possible. You can do this entire race full speed in the red. If you hit barrel #2 and #4 every time you pass them, you'll never need to slow down.
  2. Get a feel for how close/far you need to be from the NPCs to get a barrel and/or turn in the barrel. You don't need to get all up in their face, so you can save a few seconds each time getting a feel for this.
  3. Why am I using barrels 2 and 4 and not 1 and 3? Because on the Alliance side, barrel 1 is inside some stupid tent that doesn't let my ram get back out without getting stuck and I waste a ton of time.
  4. Finally, steady wins the race here, and in the barking quests as well. Don't panic about the time; just get into a rhythm and try to stay there.
That's what worked for me for keg running, and you'll get two tokens per successful keg return. What worked for me may not work for you, but if you're having trouble with the run, give it a shot.

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