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    VOX TV-R HDD Media Player / Recorder gets reviewed

    Darren Murph

    Never heard of VOX (outside of the guitar amplification company)? Fret not, as the critics over at TechwareLabs are about to introduce you two in fine fashion. The TV-R HDD Media Player / Recorder was recently reviewed over at the site, and outside of having a full-fledged media PC handling your PVR duties, this one was seen as the next best thing. The unit can be grabbed for well under two bills with 120GB of storage built right in, and aside from being able to capture TV shows, it can also act as a local multimedia player for those who like to run things through their entertainment center. We would've loved to see an Ethernet port or WiFi module added in for good measure, but if you're down with keeping it local, this one doesn't seem like a half bad option for the coin. Tap the read link to decide for yourself.

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