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Xbox 360 reaching for 1 million units in Japan


A recent Edge Online article delves into Microsoft's persistent, price-slashing attempts to get the Xbox 360 into the hands and minds of Japanese consumers. With the system's sales sitting at 717,275 according to Enterbrain's last count, it seems Microsoft's first real milestone, while comparatively minor, may finally be within reach. "As an initial milestone, we would like to hit the one million mark as soon as possible, and are continuing to work hard to get to this milestone and go beyond," Xbox Japan boss Takashi Sensui told Edge.

Sensui adds that a successful strategy also hinges on going beyond a lineup of fancy RPGs -- though Tales of Vesperia's recent halo indicates that it can't hurt. "The core of the Xbox 360 business is made up of three elements: great titles, the best online service and accessible hardware," he said. "Now we have all three elements firmly in place, we believe that Japanese consumers will see what we have to offer and agree that it is the best option available."

Well, unless they want to play Final Fantasy XIII, which will be available on the Xbox 360 everywhere but Japan.

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