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European Qore-a-like coming in 2009

Jem Alexander

Sony UK and Future Publishing have today announced that they will be working together to deliver an "on-console digital magazine" for the PSN in the region. It doesn't have a name yet, but chances are it will be very similar to Qore, which is also produced by Future Publishing in the US. This magazine will be made available in the UK in early 2009, with other European countries getting their hands on it later in the year. Hopefully we'll get some more solid date and price info soon.

It will feature "news, reviews, features and downloadable content on games, movies and more." Which sounds very similar to Qore (except for reviews, perhaps). We suspect this will be well received once it's released. Europeans have been asking for a Qore of their own for months, and it seems Sony has been listening. We're just wondering who the British equivilent of Veronica Belmont is going to be ...

[Via press release]

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