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GTA Chinatown Wars maintains gritty, urban edge with drug-dealing minigame


Coke, heroin, weed, acid and the blue pill confirmed. There was a time when a sensational cocktail like this would have raised red flags at media headquarters everywhere, but this is Grand Theft Auto, like, "Grand Theft Auto 8!" We've been down this road before and we know where it leads ... to a penthouse, deep pockets, and a dried up sandbox. So what if it's on DS? Chinatown Wars isn't a kid's game, but like all GTAs, it's the game kids want to play. And if they do get their hands on it, they'll be -- surprise! -- forced to deal drugs. "It works well with what GTA is, with driving around the map, and it gives you another thing to think about -- another layer or piece of the puzzle to keep you motivated," Rockstar boss Dan Houser explained to Edge. Motivational tool, eh? Good one.

[Update: Added image, direct from the folks at T3 magazine.]

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