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Looks like the Blu-ray release of Iron Man may be postponed

Ben Drawbaugh

Bad news Blu-ray fans -- it appears Paramount hasn't gotten past all its production problems and it just might affect the Blu-ray release of Iron Man. Easily one of the biggest movies of the year, Iron Man was expected to really move some volume on Blu when it was set to release this Tuesday on September 30th, but after some rumors that review copies weren't working in some players, it was expected that Paramount would issue a full recall. At this point the studio is doing everything it can to deliver enough replacement discs to retailers, but if it doesn't happen in time, then we'll all have to wait another week until October 7th to take in the latest sci-fi action flick.

Update: Paramount rang to say that the release is still on track for a September 30th release. Phew!

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