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Sneak peek at EverQuest 2 Game Update 49, and Guild Halls!

Michael Zenke

The march of progress rolls forward in EverQuest 2! Coming soon to the world of Norrath is the 49th update to SOE's flagship title. GU49 adds in the latest chapter in the ongoing Void Storms world event and gives player housing a whole new breath of life ... but what players are really waiting for are the huge new structures they'll be able to own in-game.

With Game Update 49 comes the brand-new guild halls. Guild fortresses would be a better term, as these enormous structures tower over the Commonlands and Antonica, proving well and truly who the mightiest of these player organizations are. Whether you're a Freeport guild or a Qeynos guild, you'll find the change in scnery most welcome. Join us as we explore the guild halls through video and screenshots, check out the newest live event in the game, and see how all your EverQuest 2 crafting buddies are going to be going ga-ga for growth!

Gallery: EverQuest 2 GU 49 Sneak Peek | 19 Photos

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Qeynos Guild Hall Walkthrough

Freeport Guild Hall Walkthrough

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