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Flaws found in 15,000+ Diamond video cards

Tim Stevens

There was a time -- back in the mid-'90s -- when Diamond Multimedia was tops in the burgeoning graphics acceleration game. Those days are apparently long gone (and look to stay that way) thanks to recent quality assurance issues affecting many of the company's 512MB Radeon HD 3800 series cards. Those manufactured between January and July of this year are said to suffer problems ranging from a complete lack of power management to plain 'ol "poor soldering." Alienware saw a 10-percent failure rate and shipped back its entire stock, canceling any further dealings with the company. For the record, Diamond doesn't actually manufacture these, acting as a reseller for GeCube, but perhaps was lax in its testing and now is perhaps being lax in its disclosure. The company has indicated that not only is there no problem with its products, its gone so far as to state that "Diamond manufactures the most reliable graphics cards in the industry and our customers' satisfaction is our first priority." Alienware would beg to differ.

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