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IndieCade: International Festival Finalists #16-20

Ross Miller

All week, Joystiq will be revealing the 25 finalists for the IndieCade: International Festival of Independent Games, set to take place October 10 through 17 in Bellevue, Washington. The winners will be announced on October 11.

ibb & obb (website)

The pictures do not do ibb & obb justice. Without motion, it just looks like a colorful sidescroller in the vein of Yoshi's Island. In motion (as seen in the video above), the game is an inventive co-op platformer that also plays a bit with gravity. The project was made by Richard Boeser as a graduation project for Industrial Design at Delft University of Technology.

Gallery: ibb & obb | 6 Photos

Psst ... There's more inside.

levelHead (website, source code)

[Taken from our initial impressions at this year's E3] "Easily my favorite game from IndieCade this year, levelHead uses machine-readable codes in order to know which way you are holding the game cube that you play with. On the screen, this translates into a representation of a man trapped inside the cube you're holding, and you have to tilt it in three dimensions in order to try and get him to escape onto different sides and eventually into other, more complicated cubes. It's tactile and fun, and you really get the sense that there's a poor little guy trapped in there. Pure awesome."

(website, download)

Your actions -- dive, fly, somersault -- change the color of your character, which is required to pass similar-colored barriers. Visually, it's as if Rez had a secret love child with N+ before coming out of the closet.

Gallery: FLYWRENCH | 4 Photos


PMOG (abbrev.): Passively Multiplayer Online Game. This Firefox extension turns web browsing into an MMO experience. Our friends at Massively now only need to find an MMO for eating and sleeping to completely assimilate.

Gallery: PMOG | 6 Photos

Standard Bits
(website, download)

A single pixel's journey into the unknown that sounds anything but standard.

Gallery: Standard Bits | 4 Photos

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