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Jack Thompson disbarred in Florida


Attorney, er, former anti-games attorney Jack Thompson has apparently been disbarred by the state of Florida. It's been a long time coming, but the Court has finally decided that Jack Thompson should "be permanently disbarred without leave to apply for readmission to The Florida Bar."

Mark Methenitis, an attorney who pens Joystiq's Law of the Game, writes us, "While I know a lot of people in the industry truly dislike Jack, I hope people show a bit of respect for a man who has just lost his livelihood. I also hope people realize that this doesn't mean we've heard the last from Jack. I wouldn't be surprised to see him start his own nonprofit group to continue to advance his viewpoint."

We spoke with a representative for The Florida Bar and asked if the association had any further comment. She responded, "We feel the documents speak for themselves."

Check out all the relevant court documents in the gallery below. (View in "High Res" if you don't want to squint.)

[Thanks, Sam & Ballistic]

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