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Lume the Mad tackles Wrath of the Lich King (all of it)

Samuel Axon

World of Warcraft blogger Lume the Mad wrote up a massive post describing the most important changes in the Wrath of the Lich King expansion which will be released on November 13th. He lists just about everything, and even provides analysis of the expansion's implications.

It's a must-read for WoW players, especially those unfamiliar with the breadth of the changes occuring in the expansion. And for those who already know their stuff, there's some good commentary on the consequences of Blizzard's choices. It'll especially be useful to guild leaders who want to be prepared.

He had some particularly harsh words to say about the changes ("homogenization") to buffs in some classes. He argued that the changes will render some players' characters undesirable to raid leaders. But it's not all high-brow theoretical talk; there are bits about vehicles, siege warfare, and even the barber shop in there.
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