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Molyneux okay with Fable 2 defining his legacy

Dustin Burg

After Fable 2 went gold and having some time to reflect, Lionhead's Peter Molyneux is so happy with the final product, that he's comfortable with having Fable 2 being the game that defines his "position in the industry."

"At the end of the day you can stand up in front of people and wave your arms, but unless you actually create a product, you don't deserve that attention," Molyneux told saying that Fable 2 "should define my position in the industry, and if it's not good, that says something about me. And if it is good, that also says something about me. I'm incredibly proud of Fable and with what the team has managed to do with it."

Awww shucks, Mr. Molyneux is not only happy with the final product Fable 2 has turned out to be, but he also isn't giving us any excuses to why it wasn't his ideal vision. We can't wait to give it a go and make our determination of Molyneux's worth. How exciting!

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