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Producer: Paradise City a 'postage stamp' compared to Fuel's size


Four-letter racing game news now, with developer Asobo talking up the tech it's concocted for its open-world racer, Fuel. The in-game map, a blend of satellite information and procedurally generated data which stretches across 5,000 virtual square miles, would reportedly be a couch potato's worst nightmare if assembled via traditional means. "In the context of that map, which is one small corner of it, when the guys showed us this technology, if you were to build it in a traditional manner it would fill about four Blu-rays," Fuel producer David Brickley tells "A gargantuan amount of data, just enormous."

That last word is what we'd normally use to describe, say, Burnout's Paradise City, but Brickley seems to imply that we need a change of perspective: "I did a little Power Point internally to do it and it zoomed them [Fuel and Paradise City] in to each other. It's like a little postage stamp because I think it does like four kilometres or something." Well, Criterion, it seems come 2009, you'll be licked in terms of sheer size. But will there be a restart option?

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