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Sony gifts BDP-S350 with BD-Live via firmware update

Darren Murph

Earlier this summer, Sony promised that it would be pushing out a firmware update in the future that would add BD-Live functionality to its BDP-S350 Blu-ray player. Fast forward a few months, and lo and behold, it has kept its word. Available right this very second, the version 010 firmware adds in BD-Live support and improved BD-Java compatibility / improved sensitivity to the Remote Commander signal while in standby mode. Hop on down to the read link and get that 56.23MB download going -- given Sony's typically slow (and by slow, we mean hosted over a 14.4k modem) servers, you could be waiting awhile.

[Thanks, Dan and Brendan]

Update: Seems as if the URL download has been pulled, though users are reporting that the Network Update directly through the player works fine.

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