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Could Blizzard be shipping Lich King without the polish it needs?

Michael Zenke

Over at WoW Insider the question seems to be hanging in the air: by pushing Lich King out the door on November 13th, is Blizzard giving short shrift to their legendary dedication to polish? Zach Yozon put up a post noting that the company plans to re-address the Hunter 41-point talent after the expansion ships. Players weighing in on comments note that there were minor issues like this going all the way back to World of Warcraft's initial launch. Others, like Zach, are concerned that this might indicate the company is feeling pressure to get the game's next expansion out the door.

November 18th is juuust slipping under the deadline that Blizzard set for themselves by saying 'an expansion a year'. While the company is well known for their design brilliance and storytelling capabilities, holding to a schedule has obviously never been something they excelled at. Given the recent launch of Warhammer Online and its apparent blockbuster success, could Mythic and their WAR be figuring into this equation? What's your take?


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