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D3 officially brings Puzzle Quest to PS3 and TGS

Majed Athab

Last we heard about a Puzzle Quest game coming over to the PS3, it was a slight nod found tucked away under a pile of PEGI-rated titles. This time around it's yet again another shy mention, but one that comes straight from publishers D3 themselves.

Listed under the company's TGS 2008 lineup, Puzzle Quest is mentioned as a downloadable PS3 title. This one is probably one and the same as the title that was discovered under PEGI previously. Not much else was revealed; the game doesn't even have a logo like the other titles on the list. We guess we'll see the game at the show. It looks like it'll be going to Europe and Japan, we'll just have to find out if North America will get some puzzle questing done too.

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