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Don't forget to get your GTA IV on, this weekend

Looking for a good change of pace to your regular Xbox Live schedule this weekend? Remember Rockstar is hosting a Grand Theft Auto IV weekend which began Friday, September 26 at 12:01AM EST and runs through to Sunday, September 28 at 11:59PM EST.

The weekend affords gamers the opportunity to school or be schooled by a Rockstar employee in some GTA IV multiplayer madness as well as win a truck-load of prizes just for playing the game. It's play and win in GTA IV this weekend and Rockstar has a ton of treats to go around. A full listing of Rockstar employee gamertags are available after the jump.

Look out for these Rockstar gamertags and see if you can beat them at their own game or maybe even show them a thing or two yourself!

* RSG0Josh
* RSG1Neil
* RSG2David
* RSG3Ben
* RSG4Brian
* RSG5Robert
* RSG6Chris
* RSG7Steve
* RSG8John
* RSG9Justin
* RSG10Mark
* RSG11Bruce
* RSG12Steve
* RSG13Mike
* RSG14Zach
* RSG15Fred
* RSG16Paul
* RSG17Ethan
* RSG18Hugh
* RSG19David
* RSG20Ben
* RSG21Craig
* RSG22Laura
* RSG23Richard
* RSG24Greg
* RSG26Thomas
* RSG27Simon
* RSG28Darren
* RSG29Rick
* RSG30Peter
* RSG31Felipe
* RSG32Willie

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