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Half a million users register for WAR

Shawn Schuster

According to a recent market report, Warhammer Online now has a half a million registered users. This isn't boxes sold to retailers or projected numbers, this is 500k people who have registered to play Warhammer Online.

These numbers come only one week after the game first went on sale, as publisher Electronic Arts claims the title of the fastest-selling MMO of all time. "In just one week we have a half a million people playing WAR online, and the ranks of Order and Destruction are growing at a record-breaking pace for a new MMORPG," offered Mark Jacobs, co-founder of Mythic Entertainment. Whether this sales trend will continue to rise, or taper off, is yet to be seen, but it will be interesting to keep an eye on WAR to see if EA's record-breaking claims hold true.

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