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Kojima: I have three MGS5 concepts, please don't use them

Justin McElroy

You know that feeling when you're done with your local community theater troupe, but they just keep luring you back, promising that this year you'll play Henry Higgins, or complain that they simply don't have a believable Magical Mister Mistoffelees in the whole company and they don't know what they'll do without you? That's Hideo Kojima and Metal Gear Solid, and you gotta feel for the poor guy.

He so badly wants to be done with the series, he recently told 1UP: "I have three concepts for MGS5 already. What would be ideal for me with MGS5, though, is that we don't do those. If the team picks one of those concepts, I have to get involved again, which I don't want to do."

Could someone please come up with an insane enough plot for MGS5 so Kojima can hurry up and make us another Snatcher game? Who's up to the challenge? Is Ted Kaczynski still working?

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