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Korg nanoSERIES USB controllers unboxed, previewed


The Korg nanoSERIES line of miniature USB controllers we had a look at a few months back has finally seen the light of day, and much to our chagrin, reviews are mixed. MusicRadar singles the nanoPAD out for praise, saying the twelve drum pads feel good and the X/Y pad is a useful addition, but they seem less impressed with the nanoKONTROL and nanoKEY. The site says the faders on the former feel "short and decidedly plasticky," while they compare the keys on the latter to those of a QWERTY keyboard. If you're still interested, the nanoKey will run you £49 ($90), and the nanoKontrol and nanoPad will be £59 ($109) each. Look for these guys starting in October, and hit the read link for more details and pics.

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