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Motorola shows off X24 WiMAX concept module for cars


While folks 'round these parts are only just now getting their first real taste of WiMAX, Motorola is already looking towards a WiMAX-filled future, where it hopes devices like its X24 concept module will let even your car tap into all that bandwidth floating through the air. Apparently, the device is designed specifically with advanced automotive telemetry in mind, although, as Motorola's Manash Goswami mentions in the interview available at the read link below, the company also isn't ignoring the possibilities for in-car entertainment and other applications. It also sees the chipset at the heart of the X24, the WTM1000, being used in an even broader range of consumer devices, and not just ones made by Motorola. Look for more word on that to come out of the WiMAX World conference next week.

[Via jkOnTheRun]

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