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Activision Blizzard files trademark for 'Dance Hero'

We know that the rhythm genre's communal idea well has been dry for quite some time now, but we find it hard to get behind Activision Blizzard's recent decision to trademark the title Dance Hero for "computer game software" development. Not only is it grammatically disturbing (shouldn't it be Dancing Hero, or rather, the Hero of Dance), but judging solely by the trademarked moniker, we think their new project may be an answer to Konami's Dance Dance Revolution series. There are just so few arcades remaining -- we'd rather not share them with a new generation of button-stompers.

The trademark filing appeared around the same time as the rumors that DJ Hero, a title reserved by Activision in February, is actually in production. We'll be anxious to see if Dance Hero follows the same path (assuming the DJ Hero rumors prove true), or if it will join Drum Villain and Guitar Villain in the filing cabinet located within the basement of Activision Blizzard's Santa Monica headquarters. You know, the cabinet labeled "unusable, awful ideas".

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