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Bungie: Maddie reference not related to missing British girl

When Bungie released its teaser trailer for the upcoming Halo 3 related whatever it is, the video was quickly picked apart by fans and editors alike. One particular frame in the teaser displayed an image that read, "Maddie, where are you?" While some brushed off the frame as another cryptic Bungie message, others took it as a reference to the highly publicized disappearance of three-year-old British girl Madeleine McCann last year while on vacation with family in Portugal.

As questions regarding the reference poured onto its forums, Bungie quickly responded citing the name as an unfortunate coincidence. "As always, all of the characters in our games are fictional. Any similarities between real life and the characters in our games are purely coincidental," community manager Luke Smith wrote. "That said, this is both an unfortunate and untended coincidence."

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