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Fable 2 shipping without online co-op, will be added post-launch

We were positively thrilled when Lionhead announced at E3 2008 that their upcoming peasant-murdering, prophylactic-infused RPG, Fable 2, would allow us to murder said peasants with friends in distant lands via an online co-op mode. Unfortunately, a recent post on Microsoft's Gamerscore Blog made a disheartening declaration -- while the local co-op remains in tact, the developer is "still making tweaks" to the game's online mode, so it won't be included with the title come launch day.

Before you swear off Molyneux's highly anticipated brainchild, know that later in the same post, it's explained that the feature will come to the title in an auto-update -- Lionhead and Microsoft Game Studios are hoping to make it available within a week of the title's North American launch. We're just glad to know that Fable 2's online co-op mode didn't go the way of the real-time growing trees.

[Via X3F]

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