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Japanese newspaper details new camera-equipped DS


This is fairly huge, and fairly believable! Japanese business newspaper Nikkei posted an article describing features in an upcoming new DS model set for this year, designed with the intention of competing with the iPhone and other mobile devices. According to the article, the new hardware will include a camera and music playback functionality. The camera will be integrated into gameplay, which suggests that it may be more of a new system than an upgrade. It also features the ability to connect with "information terminals" to get location-sensitive information, which we know Nintendo has looked into. There's even more in the print version of the same article. It states that the device will cost less than 20,000 yen.

A removed article on the site (screenshot available at the NeoGAF link) said that the new DS will feature the ability to share data with the Wii via the SD slot, as well as larger screens.

We wonder what that Nintendo Media Summit is going to be about.

[Via NeoGAF, Game|Life]

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