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Rumor: WipEout HD crashing for popular players

Though critical reaction to WipEout HD has been extremely positive so far, reports are beginning to crop up of two major qualms players have with the hyperactive racer. The first of which is, of course, the game's arbitrarily intErcappEd titlE -- the second is a bug that causes the game to freeze or crash for some players. These crashes may not pick their victims at random, however, as members of the European PlayStation forums have deduced that they only strike down PSN users with over 50 e-quaintences on their friends lists.

It's not clear whether or not this is actually the case, though certain sociable so-and-sos on our Blu-ray-enabled sister site, PS3 Fanboy, have experienced the freezes (which can apparently be remedied by signing out of PSN while playing). Sony has yet to comment on the veracity of this claim, though they are currently looking into the issue. Until then, we'll be thanking our lucky stars for our lifelong, soul-crushing unpopularity.

[Thanks, Lee.]

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