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DS upgrade has camera, music player, says Nikkei Net

We've heard a bit of speculation about the seemingly inevitable upgrades that are coming to Nintendo's best-selling handheld -- all of which were promptly denied by the big N. However, Japanese business newspaper Nikkei recently published an article outlining a few neat features supposedly coming to the new DS model -- chief among these are a camera (which the paper mentions could be integrated into gameplay), a music playback function, and the ability to communicate with "information terminals" to acquire location-sensitive information.

Nikkei Net, the online branch of the newspaper, reports that the new model will launch in Japan sometime this year. Their take on the new functions are that Nintendo may be trying to compete with other mainstream technology -- what popular portable device with a touch screen, camera, and music playback could they possibly be trying to rival?

Keep in mind, we don't have a physical copy of the newspaper this report is printed in, nor has Nintendo confirmed the new features -- so season this story with an appropriate number of salt grains.

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