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Japanese hardware sales, Sept. 15 - Sept. 21: Warhammered edition [update]

No time for nonsense today, dearest readers. The regularly scheduled shenanigans must be sidelined this week for a much more important cause: Warhammer Online just finished patching, and we're jonesing to play it. Don't feel neglected, friends -- you still hold a very important place in our collective heart. Just, you know, not as important as the unignorable siren call of a brand new, potentially addictive MMO.

[Update: We apologize for the dismissive and frankly unprofessional tone of the above paragraph. We feel such blatant duty shirking doesn't accurately display the level of integrity and dedication to our readers that we strive for with each post -- even when those posts are as inconsequential and nonsensical as these weekly hardware sales charts.]

[Update: Inconsequential, eh? We'll have you know that just last week, we received a lovely email from a reader who said that thanks to our hardware sales feature, she's found the courage to return to her job with her father's tuna fishing operation following the untimely tuna-devourment of her husband. She's even invited us to the christening of their newest commercial fishing vessel -- how's that for inconsequential?]

[Update: Beg our pardon. We meant no disrespect to what is surely our most valued demographic -- recently widowed tuna harvesters.]

[Update: Fine, bub. You think you can do better? You can finish the post, then.]

[Update: Gladly. Hey, the Xbox 360 outsold the PS3 for the second week in a row. Looks like Microsoft finally ... developed a ... strategy to ...]

[Update: Oh, that's great. Really -- absolutely hilarious. I wasn't aware that Ray Romano had joined our staff.]

[Update: You're incredibly fired.]

- DS Lite: 61,242 2,617 (4.10%)
- Wii: 29,921 235 (0.79%)
- PSP: 28,674 1,482 (4.91%)
- Xbox 360: 13,777 14,411 (51.12%)
- PS3: 8,156 103 (1.28%)
- PS2: 7,720 51 (0.67%)

[Source: Media Create]

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