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Megapixel race hits the mobile realm

Darren Murph

When the megapixel race unofficially started in the point-and-shoot world, it didn't take long before every last camera manufacturer out there was cramming 14-megapixel sensors into any ole pocket cam. Now, it seems the same race is headed to the mobile realm. Of late, we've seen a new batch of 8-megapixel handsets and a 9-megapixel sensor, and a recent interview with LG's sales and marketing director John Barton points to even more of those in the near future. According to him, "the megapixel race that we saw amongst camera makers is now being battled out between mobile manufacturers," hinting that 10+ megapixel phones (not to mention handsets with HD video capability) are closer than we may have imagined. Mmm, the possibilities.

[Via Cell Phone Feeds]

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